We’ve all been there before: you spot a bold ‘do, whether on a model in a magazine or a woman passing by in the mall, and you think to yourself, “I wish I could rock that look.” Women often struggle to commit to a different, daring hairstyle — after all, what if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped? Unfortunately, it’s true that this may happen. But here’s the thing: what if it turns out better than you ever dreamed? Sometimes, you have to take risks in life. Read this blog to learn why taking a risk with a bold haircut is the move to make this summer.

Nothing is Permanent

Your hair is growing every second of every day. If you decided to shave your head at this very minute, your hair would immediately start growing back. Would it take a while to grow back? Of course, but it won’t be forever. Most of the time, people either absolutely love their new bold cut, or they end up liking it after adjusting to the change. Worst case scenario, if you don’t like it, you rock some hats for a few weeks and eventually, your hair will be back.

Life is Short

You could spend your whole life waiting for the courage to try something new. What are you waiting for? If you can’t stop thinking about rocking that bold hairstyle, why not just take the leap? We have only one life to live, and we don’t know how long we have. It’s time to take risks and live courageously!

Change is Good

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Whether it is with your personal style or your life in general, there is nothing like a new haircut to shake things up. Change can be scary, but it’s good to get outside of your comfort zone and have new experiences. So enroll in that class, book that trip, and come to get your haircut at Paris Salon in Ridgefield!

It’s a Learning Experience

Regardless of whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to your new cut, you learn from the experience. Maybe you go with a pixie cut and discover that your cheekbones look amazing with short hair, so you decide to try other short ‘dos as your hair grows out. Alternatively, maybe you go blonde and realize that you prefer how your skin looks with your natural color. Either way, there is no better way than explore your personal style than to try new looks.

We hope this blog post helped inspire you to try something new with your hair this summer! If you’re looking for a haircut in Ridgefield, schedule an appointment with Paris Salon. We emphasize communicating openly and honestly with our clients to make sure that we can capture your vision for your haircut. Book online today!