Hello, you beautiful you. We’re guessing that since you clicked on this blog that your current hair color is fading faster than you’d like. We get it. It’s not a great feeling when your old color starts to shine through, especially if it’s drastically different than the color you choose.

A quick visit to the hair salon can make all the difference in your look. But the goal is to make the dye last as long as possible after each visit. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about why color fades fast and what you can do to help it last longer.

Maybe you’re not in the mood to learn and just want to schedule an appointment. We get it. Life moves fast.

Why Is It Fading So Fast?

Color fades from hair when the hair cuticle is lifted. This allows pigments to escape, which results in the color disappearing little by little.

Red hair dye fades the fastest because the molecules in crimson pigment are large and unstable. Compared to brown and black dye molecules, red dye is the most susceptible to other elements that cause damage. So if you choose to go for the bold and beautiful red hair, be prepared to tend to it sooner than other color choices.

There is one main culprit that causes hair color to fade. It’s quite a common thing in our lives.

Water. Good ol’ dihydrogen monoxide. H2O.

Plain water causes hair color to fade faster because it dilutes the pigment. Now this is unavoidable altogether, which is why we must always re-touch color. However, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your dye and prevent it from fading faster.

In addition to water, hair color can fade quickly because of extended sun exposure, chlorine, and the wrong products.

Let’s learn more.

How To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading

Before you go and ban water from ever touching your hair or avoiding the sunshine like the plague, there are a few things to consider about hair treatment.

Pro Tip: Deep condition your hair after every color treatment. This will help reset your hair so that it holds in the pigment more securely, which helps the color last longer.

Wash When Necessary, Not Daily

Since water can cause the pigment in hair cuticles to dilute and fade, only wash your hair or expose it to water when absolutely necessary. Experts recommend washing your hair only once or twice a week. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shower the other days, but just toss your hair in a cap on the non-wash days.

Additionally, the chemicals in shampoo cause the follicle to swell, which gives the pigment a place to escape. The less frequently you wash your hair, the fewer opportunities hair dye has to fade.

Wear A Hat

Along the same lines as wearing a shower cap to avoid excessive water exposure, a hat can help prevent sun damage. Extended exposure to the sun can create free radicals. These free radicals are unbalanced molecules that snatch electrons from stable molecules, creating a nasty downhill effect. Keep your hair healthy, strong and balanced by wearing a sun hat during long times spent in the beautiful sunshine.

Use The Right Products

There are color-protecting shampoos and conditioners on the market. Traditional products don’t necessarily strip the hair of color, but there are products that help preserve and make the color more beautiful. These color-specific products seal in the pigments so hair strands keep the dye longer.

Where To Get Hair Colored In Ridgefield

For more than 50 years, Paris Salon has helped make the Ridgefield area more beautiful. Our team is comprised of talented stylists who take the time to listen to what our clients really want and need to feel their very best. We want every treatment at Paris Salon to be a therapeutic escape. We invite you to book an appointment online or call us to schedule your next hair color experience.

Paris Salon Hair Color Prices

Service Stylist Master
Root re-touch $65.00 $75.00
Root to ends (virgin hair) $85.00 $95.00
Chromatics (non-ammonia color) $75.00 $85.00
Face frame highlight $75.00 $85.00
1/2 Head highlight $125.00 $150.00
Full head highlight $145.00 $170.00
Balayage Price upon consultation
Corrective Color *all color services include a blow dry Price upon consultation
Color Glaze (add-on) from $35.00 from  $35.00
Clear Glaze (add-on) from  $25.00 from  $25.00

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