1. Spring Break Skin Care Tips

    With spring break right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your skin and stock up on your favorite sun skin care products. At Paris Salon in Ridgefield, CT, many of our patients use our skin care treatments as a way to heal and rejuvenate their aging, sun-damaged skin. If you’re heading somewhere tropical for spring break or are planning on getting any sun exposure whatsoever, it…Read More

  2. A Fresh Start To A New Season

    The best part about living in a state that gets to experience all of the seasons is getting to enjoy the things that each one brings. From the leaves falling in autumn to the hot days by the pool in summer, there’s something we can all agree makes each of the seasons special. One of the most beautiful parts of spring is that it is a season of growth, where we get light showers and new batches of…Read More

  3. A European Facial For Fall Faces

    Connecticut temperatures drop at a quick rate this time of year. When the humidity turns into a brutal chill, rather than a natural moisturizer, your skin will dry up. If you don’t work to moisturize your face, it could crack or lead to acne breakouts. At Paris Salon we offer European facials that provide you with everything that your face will need this fall. A European facial is a deep cleanin…Read More