There’s nothing that will spoil a good hair day like a dry scalp. It doesn’t matter if your hair is perfectly coiffed if you can’t stop scratching your head! Not only can a dry scalp ruin your gorgeous ‘do, it can also be uncomfortable. If you are experiencing a dry scalp, it makes sense why you would want to address the issue as soon as possible. While there are many potential causes of dry scalp, once you have pinpointed the source of your issue, it’s relatively easy to find a product or home remedy that can work for you. In this blog, we will go over the causes of dry scalp, as well as ways you may be able to fix the problem.

Dry Scalp Causes

Dry scalp is a common condition that is caused by several different issues. Your scalp becomes dry because the oil glands on your head are not producing sufficient natural oils, drying it out. This can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Extremely cold or hot weather
  • Excessive use of styling products
  • Shampooing too frequently
  • Use of the wrong hair products that contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals
  • Poor diet
  • Eczema
  • Fungal infection

Your dry scalp is most likely due to one of the causes listed above, but if you find that it is not, it’s time to visit a doctor who can help you determine the cause. In the meantime, here are some treatments for a dry scalp!

Treating a Dry Scalp

Switch Up Shampoos

It’s possible that the reason you’re experiencing a dry scalp is that your shampoo contains harsh, drying chemicals. It could be that your scalp is having a negative reaction as a result. Try switching to a natural shampoo and shampooing less frequently. Also make sure you aren’t using very hot water while shampooing, which is also drying.

Try a Deep Conditioning Treatment

An at-home deep conditioning treatment not only helps with the health of your hair, it can also be helpful for hydrating a dry scalp. Use a hot oil treatment about twice a week.

Try Some Dietary Changes

It’s possible that your diet is the culprit of your dry scalp. It may be that you need more vitamin B, which is important for your skin’s oil production. Make sure you are getting vitamin B by eating lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and maybe taking a supplement. It’s also possible that too much salt, sugar, or alcohol is drying out your scalp, so you might try eliminating or reducing these in your diet.

At Paris Salon, we understand that dry scalp can be frustrating and would be happy to consult you on what you can do specifically to help your issue. If you’re looking for a hair salon in Ridgefield that can address all of your hair concerns, you’ve found the right place! Contact Paris Salon to schedule an appointment today.