It’s wintertime here in Connecticut, which means cozy nights in by the fire, the busy holiday season, and lots of layers. Unfortunately, it can also mean dry, brittle hair. In this post, we will go over some hair care tips for you to fight the common hair problems of winter.


All the time we spend in indoor heating-up takes a toll on the hair and scalp, sapping away its moisture. If you suffer from a flaky scalp and dry, brittle hair during the winter months, make sure to incorporate moisturization into your routine. A leave-in conditioner or hair oil can go a long way towards helping to nourish your hair and combat dryness.

Fight Static

Does your hair look like you rubbed a balloon all over it? This is a common sign of winter dryness. A quick way to fix this when you’re styling your hair is to rub a dryer sheet over it to reduce flyaways, so keep one on hand just in case. However, keep in mind that this is just a quick fix and will not help the problem long-term. To address winter frizziness, you must treat the source — dryness.

Wash Less Often

Washing your hair everyday strips it of the oils it needs, causing dryness. Extend the time between your hair washes as much as you can until you find the right time period for your hair. You can gradually work up to this. For example, if you are currently a daily washer, try every two days. If your hair is still dry after this, move up to every three days. If you need, dry shampoo can help ease this process.

Don’t Heat Style

Heat styling is one of the main contributors to dry, brittle hair. During colder months, your hair is already at a disadvantage, and heat styling further contributes to the problem by sucking all the moisture out of your hair. Whenever you can, air dry your hair. If frizziness is a concern, a few drops of hair oil should be sufficient to tame it. If you love curling, opt for heatless curling methods, and try other types of heatless styles such as braids, ponytails, buns, and twists.

Deep Condition Weekly

Do you use a face mask weekly? This is the perfect time to also apply a deep conditioner to your hair. A deep conditioning mask is a powerful tool to help both repair and prevent damage. Another plus side is that it doesn’t take long for a hair mask to take effect. If you can give 20 minutes of time every week to it, your hair will be a whole lot happier this winter, as they are designed to soften and hydrate hair, help it grow, make it shinier, and can even help to fight scalp infections.

Try a Silk Scarf

You may want wool to keep warm this winter, but unfortunately, this lovely material can be damaging to your hair. This is because the static it creates causes breakage. You can prevent this by first wrapping your locks in a silk scarf before donning your favorite winter hat. Another pro tip? Use a silk pillowcase!

Drink Water

Hydration starts from the inside out. Believe it or not, a single strand of hair is 25 percent water! If you want moisturized, silky hair, make sure you are getting enough water throughout the day. In addition, water moisturizes the scalp, so if you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff during the winter, drinking more water may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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