Contrary to popular belief, men’s hair is just as important to take care of with products that truly are the best just as much as women’s. If you’re a man looking to keep your hair on point, there are a few products you must keep nearby. And, we’re not talking about the cheap gel you can get at your local grocery story; we’re talking about the best hair products available that not only keep your hair looking the best, but products that will keep your hair healthy.

No matter what kind of hair you were born with, one of the next four products should tame your hair perfectly to make it look great.

#1 Hair Wax

Hair wax, also known as clay, glue, putty, molding creme or styling paste are one of the most used products in our hair salon. Not only are they affordable, but they’re perfect for nearly any hair type. For men with wavy or straight hair, a wax is the best option to use daily. Not only will it give you effortless medium hold and style with low shine, but it’s the perfect product to use if you love the “messy look.” There are many different waxes these hair salon products use, including beeswax. However, that doesn’t mean they’re hard to wash out after a hard day’s work; they’re water soluble and will easily remove from your hair with water. Some of the best hair wax brands include American Crew Fiber, Blind Barber, Fellow Barber and Uppercut’s Matt Clay.

#2 Pomade

Pomade is another great hair product for men looking for a medium to heavy hold; in fact, some call it hair wax’s classic cousin. You’ll get a lot of shine when you use pomade. The best looks to use pomade for include the “Mad Men” slicked-back look or side part. Again, just like wax, pomade is a great option for men with wavy or straight hair, especially if it’s long. A shiny finish is what you’ll get with pomade, along with superior hold. The hold is what separates pomade from wax and it’s the ideal hair salon product to use if you’re looking to have no movement in your hair. Some of the best pomade brands include Fellow Barber, Uppercut, American Crew and Blind Barber.

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#3 Styling Cream

Styling cream is a little on the pricey side, but it’s for a good reason. While pomade and hair wax are similar, styling cream is completely different. Styling cream is a thick liquid, and it’s best used on curly hair. Unlike the first two products, this one offers little to no shine and no hold whatsoever. Instead, styling cream is used to “tame” hair and keep it looking natural by controlling the unruliness of your hair, such as frizz. In short, using a recommended styling cream will leave your hair looking amazing without any dry out or unmanageable frizz clouding your vision. Some of the best styling cream products include Moroccanoil, Fellow Barber’s Styling Cream, Malin + Goetz’s Sage Styling Cream; and Bumble and Bumble.

Which Should You Use?

Every man, including yourself, wants to look as fly as possible; the only way to achieve that is by keeping your hair on point. For most hair types, a good pomade or hair wax is the best solution; however, that doesn’t mean styling cream won’t work for you. If you’re looking to give your hair a quick swoop to fix it up or a quick brush, hair wax may be your best option. If you’re looking to give your hair a lot of shine that doesn’t budge, use pomade. And, if you’re looking to keep your hair in control at all times, styling cream is for you.

Hair products don’t have to be difficult to find and choosing one shouldn’t be painful. If you’d like to learn more about the perfect hair salon product for your unmanageable hair, it’s time you reach out to our incredible team of hair stylists at Paris Salon in Ridgefield. We welcome all men with any length of hair. Contact us online today to schedule your appointment.