1. Store Bought Products vs. Salon Products

    Whether you’ve just gotten a blowout, highlights or just a standard haircut, it always seems impossible to ever have your hair look as good as it does right out of the hair salon. At Paris Salon our goal is to never let you leave without being in love with your look, and that’s why we have experienced hair stylists, quality color and style products and take the time needed to provide you with …Read More

  2. Haircuts That Help Handle Humidity

    Every person from Ridgefield knows the hassle of having to take humidity into account when styling their hair. Regardless of what type of hair you have, curly or straight, styling your hair will always require working around the humidity. Since the temperatures are about to rise here in Connecticut, the professional stylists at our salon want to share the top five haircuts for humid climates. Long…Read More

  3. Starting The New Year With A New You

    The days before New Years are spent coming up with New Year’s resolutions and setting goals. There are plenty of great ones like saving money and traveling more, but one that often gets put on the back burner is gaining confidence. Paris Salon believes that you should always put anything that makes you feel confident first, and we know we can help you do that! At Paris Salon, we offer a variety …Read More

  4. Perks Of Perms

    Keeping up with what’s in style with hair colors and cuts is tough to do, especially if your style of hair just doesn’t do that. You all know what we mean. When long straight hair made a comeback it was especially impossible to get that natural wave out. And when bangs were in, well, they just didn’t work with your face. Curly hair has picked up more due to it’s natural and fun look, but u…Read More

  5. A European Facial For Fall Faces

    Connecticut temperatures drop at a quick rate this time of year. When the humidity turns into a brutal chill, rather than a natural moisturizer, your skin will dry up. If you don’t work to moisturize your face, it could crack or lead to acne breakouts. At Paris Salon we offer European facials that provide you with everything that your face will need this fall. A European facial is a deep cleanin…Read More

  6. Fresh Fall Look

    Summer is full of sunny pool days, tight ponytails and camping trips where washing your hair is the last priority. After living it up this summer, it’s time to head to your hair salon and get your hair ready for fall. At Paris Salon, we offer a variety of services. Before you decide to rock your summer-do through the fall, consider letting one of our stylists or masters work their magic on your …Read More

  7. Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

    Not many of our daily hair styling routines are exactly easy on our locks. From our blowdryers to our curling irons and straighteners, the tools we use to get that perfect hairstyle are severely damaging and stripping the health out of our hair until we are left horrible breakage and countless split ends. Instead of investing in expensive deep conditioning treatments, we have a few helpful tips ev…Read More

  8. Revitalize and Protect Your Hair with Our Keratin Treatment

    Has all of your blow drying and hair styling left your hair feeling dry, brittle, and less than fabulous? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! No matter what we do to try and protect our hair from heat damage, damage will occur. It comes with the territory of hairstyling. However, what if we told you that there is a fairly new treatment available that naturally strengthens your hair and ef…Read More

  9. Revive Your Dry, Cracked Winter Skin

    Winter is hard on everyone. With months of bitter cold temperatures and blistering winds, it isn't long before winter starts to take it’s toll on your mentality and your body. However, your skin is quite possibly what suffers the most from the cold, dry air and by the time spring rolls around, your skin is probably feeling dry, cracked, and withered. It is important to take care of your skin and…Read More

  10. Transform Your Dull Winter Hair with Beautiful and Radiant Highlights

    We are already in the month of February and before you know it, warmer weather will be here and it will be time for spring break. What better way is there to welcome spring and summer than changing up your look? Start shedding those heavy winter layers and add a touch of sunshine to your dull, weather beaten hair. Liven up your style and hair with highlights from your Ridgefield, CT salon. We know…Read More