1. The In’s and Out’s of Keratin Treatments

    If you’re someone who struggles with frizzy and out of control hair, chances are that you’ve heard of Keratin Treatments. Whether it has been recommended by your stylist or you’ve had friends who’ve received it, Keratin Treatments are a great way for you to finally have that smooth, soft, and shiny hair that you’ve always dreamed of. In this blog post, we will be discussing the ins and o…Read More

  2. Summer Skincare Tips

    Summer is finally here! The days are getting longer and warmer, and while there are many seasonal changes going on, there should be changes in your skincare routine. At Paris Salon in Ridgefield, we offer a wide variety of skincare treatments. Whether you’re looking to relax or target a specific problem area, all our facial treatments utilize Yon Ka Paris® products which are formulated from flo…Read More

  3. How to Keep Your Hair Healthy this Summer!

    Summer is just around the corner and just like you change your wardrobe from winter to summer, you should do the same with your hair care routine. While summer brings warm weather, pool days, and an abundance of ice cream, it also brings changes that can damage your hair. When it comes to summer hair care, it is important to adapt your routine accordingly. Here are some solutions and products we r…Read More

  4. 5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles

    There’s nothing worse than waking up late and realizing you have 10 minutes to tame your mane. You might feel resigned to letting your locks look like you just rolled out of bed (because you did), but there are options for you. Try one of these quick and easy hairstyles from our hair salon in Ridgefield that will have you looking like you put a lot of effort into your hair even when all you did …Read More

  5. Hair Care Tips for Winter Weather

    It’s wintertime here in Connecticut, which means cozy nights in by the fire, the busy holiday season, and lots of layers. Unfortunately, it can also mean dry, brittle hair. In this post, we will go over some hair care tips for you to fight the common hair problems of winter. Moisturize All the time we spend in indoor heating-up takes a toll on the hair and scalp, sapping away its moisture. If yo…Read More

  6. 11 Essential Hair Care Tips

    Sometimes it can feel like hair care is a full-time job. If you’re not happy with your hair, it might feel like you spend a lot of time trying to manage your ‘do. Fortunately, with these simple tips, you can tame that wild mane and enjoy healthy, beautiful hair. Blast Out Your Dry Shampoo You have probably used dry shampoo before. All you have to do is spray it at the roots of your hair and it…Read More

  7. Soothe Your Dry Scalp With These Techniques

    There’s nothing that will spoil a good hair day like a dry scalp. It doesn’t matter if your hair is perfectly coiffed if you can’t stop scratching your head! Not only can a dry scalp ruin your gorgeous ‘do, it can also be uncomfortable. If you are experiencing a dry scalp, it makes sense why you would want to address the issue as soon as possible. While there are many potential causes of d…Read More

  8. Why Go With A Bold Haircut This Summer

    We’ve all been there before: you spot a bold ‘do, whether on a model in a magazine or a woman passing by in the mall, and you think to yourself, “I wish I could rock that look.” Women often struggle to commit to a different, daring hairstyle — after all, what if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped? Unfortunately, it’s true that this may happen. But here’s the thing: what if it tu…Read More

  9. Spring Break Skin Care Tips

    With spring break right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your skin and stock up on your favorite sun skin care products. At Paris Salon in Ridgefield, CT, many of our patients use our skin care treatments as a way to heal and rejuvenate their aging, sun-damaged skin. If you’re heading somewhere tropical for spring break or are planning on getting any sun exposure whatsoever, it…Read More

  10. 5 Signs It’s Time To Cut Your Hair

    Ladies, it’s time for a truth bomb. Long hair is years and years worth of dead cells dangling from your head. How can something so dead look so beautiful? For the most part, long hair can be beautiful. But sometimes enough is enough, and it’s time to say goodbye. Here are five reasons it’s time to get a haircut. Tangles So. Many. Tangles. There are sleep tangles, wind tangles, sex tangles, d…Read More