Ladies, it’s time for a truth bomb. Long hair is years and years worth of dead cells dangling from your head. How can something so dead look so beautiful?

For the most part, long hair can be beautiful. But sometimes enough is enough, and it’s time to say goodbye.

Here are five reasons it’s time to get a haircut.


So. Many. Tangles. There are sleep tangles, wind tangles, sex tangles, dreadlocks…the list goes on. Sure, you can try and sleep perfectly on a satin pillowcase, but how much can you control that when you start that crazy dream cycle?

Chop off the locks when you are oh-so-tired of brushing out tangles every hour.


The oil from your hair doesn’t just stay in your hair. It transfers to your skin, which can block pores. This buildup results in disgusting bacne that can be difficult to care for since most of us aren’t triple jointed.

Get a haircut when you start to get acne on your back, that is, bacne. And then get a really great friend to help you clean your back well.

Split Ends

Split ends are a clear sign it’s time for a cut. If it’s just the ends, you can get away with a trim. But if there are inches of heat damage, color damage, or just plain-ol split ends, it’s probably worth looking into a brand new style at a much shorter length.


Do you always tie your hair up? Maybe you’re tired of spending hours blowing out and styling your hair. Or maybe you have a very short cut that requires regular maintenance. Your ideal styling habits are a clear indicator of when a cut is necessary.


What better reason to make a hair change than you’re bored with your current look? Take the plunge, girl. We got you.

This list is short, but we’re always here to help you decide when to make the cut. Your hair will thank you.

About Paris Salon in Ridgefield

For more than 50 years, Ridgefield residents have come to Paris Salon for haircuts. Whether it’s just a trim or a designer cut, our expert stylists are here for you and your locks. Though this article focused mainly on women’s hair choices, we also cut men’s and kid’s hair. Bring along the whole family!

Our Haircut Prices

For Her Stylist Master
Women’s Designer Cut  from $50.00 from $62.00
Bang Trim $49.00 $60.00
For Kids and Teens
Teen Girls 13-19yrs from $30.00 from $40.00
Girls 5-12yrs from $30.00 from $38.00
Teen Boys 13-19yrs from $30.00 from $38.00
Boys 5-12yrs from $30.00 from $38.00
Everything for Him
Men’s Cuts from $36.00 from $48.00
Beard & Mustache Trim from $10.00 from $10.00
Men’s Grey Blending Color from $45.00 from $45.00
Men’s Permanent Color from $65.00 from $75.00

All haircuts include wash and blow dry. College Students and Seniors may receive a 10% discount. Additional charges may apply for considerable length and thickness.

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